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Le credo des corrompus des états mafieux.... surtout ne faites pas comme nous !


Le feu vert américain à Riyad, pour soutenir les terroristes en Syrie

Les malfaisants à l'oeuvre de la destruction et du crime organisé !

Le feu vert américain à Riyad, pour soutenir les terroristes en Syrie


Oct 12, 2015 13:44 UTC - IRIB – Les Etats-Unis ont demandé à l’Arabie saoudite d’augmenter ses aides militaires aux groupes soutenus par Riyad, en lutte contre le gouvernement de Bachar Al-Assad en Syrie.

Citant un opposant au régime des Âl-e Saoud connu sous le nom de Mudjtahid, le site d’information yéménite Saada Press a écrit que les Etats-Unis ont permis à l’Arabie saoudite de fournir davantage d’équipements antiaériens sophistiqués à ces groupes terroristes.

Ces armes antiaériennes modernes sont planifiées de sorte qu’elles sont sensibles à l’empreinte digitale de l’utilisateur, pour empêcher que n’importe qui puisse les utiliser.

Le Département américain à la Défense a annoncé vendredi avoir l’intention d’arrêter le plan d’ailleurs échoué d’entraînement et d’armement des rebelles syriens et qu’il fournirait désormais des équipements militaires aux leaders «approuvés » des groupes d’opposition, en Syrie. Christine Wormuth, secrétaire adjointe à la Défense, a aussi annoncé que le Pentagone offrirait, en plus, son appui aérien, aux leaders des groupes opposants en Syrie.



Obama à Poutine ... ! Le mythe du terrorisme musulman !

La Machine à Terreur israélo-américaine exposée, matée et décimée en Syrie par Poutine.

Un article de Preston James, Ph.D de Veterans Today qui nous expose la réalité des faits aux USA avec un Pentagone infiltré par des responsables ayant la double nationalité Israélo/Américaine et qui tire les ficelles et ordonnent les guerres secrètes au Moyen Orient par procuration pour Israël et pour la Mafia Kashare de Rothschild, tout en se servant de l’argent des contribuables américains et de leurs enfants militaires pour chair à canon, tout en massacrant des populations innocentes !

Voir aussi du même auteur :
L'opération russe en Syrie révèle que les Etats-Unis sont les véritables commanditaires du terrorisme dans le monde

L’article est en Anglais mais vous avez le lien de la traduction Google ci-dessous :

La Machine à Terreur israélo-américaine exposée, matée et décimée en Syrie par Poutine.


Israeli-American Terror Machine exposed, checkmated and decimated in Syria

By Preston James, Ph.D on October 9, 2015

Thanks to Putin's remarkable decimation of ISIS in Syria and checkmate and exposure of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, there is no longer any need for Homeland Security inside America.


Russian fighter_rockers

It’s been an especially tough last several weeks for Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen infiltrators in the Pentagon and the CIA, and for Israeli Likudists.

Why is this so? Because their Israeli-American Terror Machine been completely checkmated in Syria thanks to the bold and incredibly sensible efforts of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin who is now decimating ISIS at the request of Syria, one of Russia’s allies in the Mideast.

And the Israeli-American terror Machine is now being exposed for hijacking the CIA and working very hard at American taxpayer expense to foment terror all over the World in order to falsely blame Mideast Islamics and justify wars of aggression against innocent Mideast nations. And we know now for certain that these wars are really secret proxy wars for Israel using American soldiers as cannon-fodder.

Yes, they have created and deployed synthetic terror and used it to hijack the Pentagon and the American war-making machine in order to Psyop and manipulate dumbed-down Americans to be willing to fight all these illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual Mideast wars, which we now know for certain are nothing more than secret proxy wars for Israel and the *RKM.

This of course feeds vast war profits into the coffers of the RKM Banksters and their associated large international corporations and provides vast increases in secret police state powers to Israeli created Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS is the American version of the Stasi and built to its specifications by Marcus Wolfe who was former head of the Stasi and was hired as a consultant to set up DHS two years before he mysteriously died.

But even more, this Israeli-American Terror Machine has been exposed to many for the first time for what it actually is and what it has done to manipulate American to fight Israel’s proxy wars in the Mideast.

Both the US Administration and the Pentagon have now admitted that the USG has been supporting the FSA which was supposed to be fighting ISIS but instead was trying to displace President Assad.

And a highly ranked retired American General has now even admitted that the USG allowed ISIS to exist and develop.

And it was even reported in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) that the US Administration admitted that approximately 3.5 million dollars was wasted on each so-called CIA mercenary sheep-dipped to be an FSA fighter which was instead trying to dispose President Assad but failing in that too.

President Obama has now admitted that the USG has been supporting ISIS and the FSA. This probably constitutes a major turning point in the power base inside the Pentagon of the PNACers and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who have infiltrated and hijacked the Pentagon and have used criminal means to maintain power there.

And Putin has asked the USG to share intel in ISIS and they have refused, quite incriminating don’t you think?

These recent USG admissions and the complete Checkmate Putin has attained against the Israeli-America Terror machine in Syria likely marks the end of their ability to manipulate America to fight any more wars for Israel and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

But even more, these admissions and the Russian Federation checkmate against ISIS and the FSA also marks the coming end of the ability of the PNACers, and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens to keep their deepest darkest secrets about all their engineered, staged terror they have fomented all over the World to manipulate America and its allies into fighting their secret proxy wars in the Mideast.


This means of course that for the first time many Americans will connect the dots and will begin to understand that since the USG has now admitted supplying and supporting the big ISIS terror machine in  the Mideast as well as the FSA in its attempt to displace Assad, all terror anywhere in the World has been synthetically engineered and deployed by this Israeli-America terror machine.

And many will now realize for the first time that this deployment of engineered staged terror has included not only the attack on America on 9-11-01 but the bombing of the Murrah Building as well as so many other major terror attacks such as Khobar Towers.

These major disclosures have now allowed many to connect the dots for the very first time to finally understand how Israel and its Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, PNACers and top NeoCons who had infiltrated the Pentagon and the US Administration were able to hijack the American War machine and use it to fight Israel’s secret proxy wars.

Not only have these American proxy wars in the Mideast for Israel and the *RKM been completely illegal and unConstitutional, they have constituted serious war crimes against the American Soldiers used as Israel’s cannon-fodder and their families. But it is now becoming obvious as well that these wars constituted serious war crimes against the innocent Afghanis and Iraqis who died and were horribly wounded while the infrastructure of their nations was decimated by American Air power and their homes were destroyed.

And while the CIA has been working with Israel and Saudi Arabia to create, train, arm and pay these ISIS mercenaries and the FSA to depose Assad, destroy Syria and then Iran as a part of the RKM’s  secret Greater Israel, secrecy is used to keep much of the USG in the dark so that right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Recently the issue of where ISIS was getting all the new Toyota trucks came up and has just recently been resolved. They have been provided by the USG, Israel and Saudi Arabia along with the rest of the support for ISIS and all Mideast terror groups.

This last week, Putin’s Air Power has been decimating ISIS as well as the FSA which both are little more than Israeli and CIA mercenary proxy warriors for Israel and the RKM. ISIS is now on the run with many deserting, fleeing or hiding.

Putin and the Russian Federation know and understand how the Pentagon is functioning as an RKM windup doll and has dropped leaflets which illustrate this. Putin also knows that he has gained the upper hand over the Israeli-American Terror machine in Syria and has checkmated them for the first time in history.

Few Americans ever thought that International Terror would be so easy to checkmate and then decimate, but Putin’s deployment of Russian federation air power has show that the folks who hijacked the Pentagon and the UIS war machine were never serious about eradicating terrorism.

Far from it they were the ones that created it synthetically and deployed it around the World, in the Mideast and especially on 9-11-01 in America.

Americans believed the big lie that the International Terror machine was a spontaneous arising phenomena caused by militant, extremist Islam a growing world movement.

This has now been exposed by Putin’s speedy decimation of ISIS to have been one of the biggest lies ever told by the CMMM. And it now appears that President Obama has now decided to stop supporting the FSA in Syria and allowing the Pentagon to attempt to displace Assad. If true this is major change is US Foreign policy and one that makes good sense.


Now that this international Israeli-American secret Terror machine has been exposed, checkmated and decimated, we no longer need the Department of Homeland Security or the unConstitutional TSA. Nor do we need a militarized American police trained by the Israeli espionage front the ADL to view the American Public as domestic terrorists to be shot down for any perceived minor non-compliance for any reason..

Both of these were set up by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizen traitors who infiltrated the USG and the Pentagon as part of a large Israeli secret Police machine inside America. The purpose of this large Israeli controlled secret police machine DHS has been to hijack all American Intel and Law Enforcement and to serve as a platform to stage numerous false-flags including all the recent MK-Ultra style mass-shootings which are usually deployed in gun-free zones created by these same folks in the first place. But it has also been designed to be turned against the We The People in case they ever seriously try to take their Republic back from these Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors.

Now ponder this thought. Do you think that all this truth could have ever leaked out the Americans unless there was a group of powerful up-and-comers inside the Pentagon and American Intel who found out that these Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizens, PNACers, top NeoCons and Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD, the FAA and the Administration used Israeli Intel and assets to attack America on 9-11-01?


Of course not. Sometimes payback comes in some very strange seemingly indirect ways. But nonetheless, payback is usually always a real bitch and that is the actual situation in this case.

When payback is arranged covertly by some very angry, incredibly experienced “Intel Cowboys”, payback comes in unexpected but nonetheless definite ways, not perhaps as direct as folks desire but perhaps the only way possible given the complicated circumstances.

Stay tuned because all secrecy is now ending. Consider the recent and very strange exposure of an affair by the man supposed to be the next Speaker of the House and his sudden decision to withdraw is just one incident of many ahead. If you stop and think about all the major leaks and disclosures the last several years you will begin to see the fingerprints of some very crafty Intel Cowboys. As I predicted before you are going to see a continued stream of the secret sins of many crooked, two-faced American Politicians exposed in the weeks and months to come.

Just imagine when all those members of Congress who secretly signed AIPAC Loyalty oaths to place Israel in exchange for large campaign support are completely exposed for what they have done. It is quite interesting however that a significant number of these folks as well as Jewish members of Congress have recently betrayed their AIPAC Oaths to Israel and supported President Obama in his support of the P5+1 Nuclear Power Agreement with Iran which will allow Iran to develop and export inexpensive nuclear power rods with little or no nuclear waste.

By the way the fact that this Agreement with Iran has been actuated and sanctions are now being removed is a major defeat for the Israeli Likudists and Bibi Netanyahu, and both are in shock and furious over this. This was the first major checkmate for the RKM and now the Russian federation’s checkmate of ISIS in Syria is the second checkmate but is actually perhaps a total and final checkmate to Israel and the RKM and the beginning of the end of their World hegemony and hijacking of the USG and the Pentagon.

As this Israeli-American Terror Machine continues to be checkmated, exposed and understood, can you imagine how great the ramifications will finally be and how large the war reparations will be to all those American soldiers and their families, and Iraqis and Afghanis will become.

And add to this the reparations Israel and the RKM will also have to pay to Palestinians for illegally stealing their land, and committing so many crimes against humanity against them, including theft of land, tyranny, murder, mass-murder, genocide and other clear acts of war like blockading them and preventing delivery of supplies needed to live. After all Germans have been paid Billions in reparations to Jewish survivors and their families from the Nazi Labor Camps. Since the Israelis are acting like Nazis to the Palestinians shouldn’t they too have to pay massive unending reparations to the Palestinian survivors?

Numerous insiders have claimed for the last few years that the RKM was cornered and would become checkmated and decimated eventually. Now this is happening. This of course makes them very desperate and dangerous, but they also understand that one wrong move could get them turned to glass now that who they are and what they have done has been exposed.

Do not forget that the RKM and Israeli’s use of their Samson option nuclear blackmail using planted nukes in many of the cities of the World has now become understood by the new American High Military Command as well as the Russian federation. Any more use of nukes by the RKM and Israel like which was done on 9-11-01 at the Twin Towers in NYC will no longer be tolerated and will likely result in a major attack on those who ordered it and any remaining nuclear stockpiles.

* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris whose VT radio show is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 PM CST. Mike Harris started using this descriptive term Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican. The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for Israel and to earn massive profits. The RKM uses UK, Israeli and American Intel factions to traffick in illegal narcotics to generate massive “off the books” money for black ops and payoffs to politicians and government officials they “own”. And it has now been recently disclosed by former Representative Cynthia McKinney (a true stand up American Hero) that any newly elected member of Congress receives a visit from AIPAC and must sign a Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s security first even before America’s or they will be denied political funding and AIPAC will make a well funded effort to vote them out of office. Obviously until Members of Congress stop taking and obeying these illegal, unConstitutional, treasonous and seditious oaths to Israel, the USA will remain little more than an Israeli/RKM provincial territory and servant.


Ces groupes terroristes en Syrie soutenus par les Etats Unis

Dans quels pays les USA ne forment-ils et ne soutiennent-ils pas leurs mercenaires ?

Ces groupes terroristes en Syrie soutenus par les Etats Unis

vendredi 9 octobre 2015

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "терроризм сирия сша"
Si l'attaque russe en Syrie est aussi efficace, c'est parce qu'elle vise les buts réels, à savoir les groupes terroristes. Et si cela fait autant de bruit, c'est parce que certains sont soutenus par les Etats Unis. 

Contrairement aux pilotes de la coalition qui n'ont pas le droit de toucher certains objectifs de certains groupes terroristes, l'aviation russe vise et touche.

Ainsi, la plupart des positions du groupe Tadjamou Azizou, qui était en possession de systèmes anti-chars américains, certes pas de modèle récent, mais suffisant pour attaquer l'armée syrienne, dont le matériel n'est pas non plus de la dernière fraîcheur. C'est justement l'attaque de ce groupe soutenu par les Etats Unis qui a provoqué la colère outre Atlantique. Et comme le souligne la presse russe, ce n'est pas Daesh qui est surtout dans le désert qui présente un grand intérêt stratégique, ses positions ne sont pas difficiles à toucher. En revanche, les groupes financés et formés par les Etats Unis sont beaucoup mieux organisés et structurés. Ce sont eux qui présentent un intérêt stratégique.

Et les Etats Unis l'ont très bien compris. D'où la réaction de Brzezinski:

"la décision apparente de Moscou de frapper les miliciens de la CIA reflète « au mieux l'incompétence militaire russe », et au pire, « la preuve d'une dangereuse volonté de mettre en évidence l'impuissance politique américaine. » Il a ajouté que si Moscou continue à les prendre pour cible, Washington devra alors user de représailles contre les Russes. "

Ce qui montre bien que dès le début, personne n'était dupe du rôle réel de Daesh et de l'importance des "autres" groupes terroristes.  

Ce qui explique aussi la réaction du sénateur MacCain demandant aux forces américaines d'attaquer les positions de Assad en représailles aux attaques russes contre les groupes terroristes en Syrie:

"Si la Russie poursuit ses attaques contre l'opposition que nous soutenons, nous devrons augmenter le prix qu'elle va payer pour imposer ses intérêts, par exemple en attaquant des ouvrages qui ont une grande importance pour le régime syrien"

Et pour continuer, la guerre de l'information est menée tambour battant - ce qui démontre bien l'indépendance de la presse en Occident. Ainsi, CNN et à sa suite, Reuters, AFP et autres, donc l'ensemble de la presse écrite qui ne fait que reprendre les textes des agences d'information, annoncent que 4 des 12 missiles tirés par la Russie sont en réalité tombés en Iran. 

Le texte du Figaro vaut le détour:

"D'après des responsables américains, quatre des missiles de croisière tirés par la Russie mercredi vers la Syrie sont tombés en Iran. Les Américains n'ont pas donné de détails sur les régions touchées en Iran, un pays allié de la Russie dans la défense du régime de Bachar al-Assad, ni sur d'éventuels dégâts provoqués par les missiles. Le responsable n'a pas voulu non plus préciser exactement le nom du missile de croisière utilisé. Mais elle a précisé qu'il s'agissait de certains des missiles dont la Russie avait annoncé le tir mercredi, à partir de bateaux militaires croisant en mer Caspienne."

Bref, on ne sait pas quels missiles, ni où, ni si, mais les Etats Unis l'ont dit, alors on répète, mais on sait pas. Du grand journalisme.

Dans le même temps, dommage, l'Iran dément. Rien n'est tombé sur son territoire et eux sont au courant. C'est peut être pour ça que le responsable américain a du mal, malgré tous les satellites, à situer l'endroit exacte en Iran où il aurait aimé voir tomber les missiles russes. Ces missiles qui ont le mauvais goût de toucher leur cible. 

En effet, les Etats Unis ont de quoi ne pas être contents. C'est leur investissement que la Russie est en train de bombarder. Sans vergogne et sans autorisation. En plus sans remords et avec le sourire. Déjà l'Irak qui commence à laisser filtrer que, finalement, si la Russie voulait intervenir aussi chez eux aussi, ils ne seraient pas contre. En fait, plutôt pour. Mais là-bas c'est un fief officiel US, donc un autre stade dans la confrontation. Chaque chose en son temps.

Faute de mieux, le Congrès décide de réarmer l'Ukraine. Cela permettra toujours au nouveau prix nobel de politique de littérature de continuer à insulter les morts du Donbass. Elle finira peut être par recevoir le prix nobel de la paix.