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Supers véhicules construits par la CIA et le complexe scientifique de Georges Bush en Virginie pour le Japon

Superstructure Vehicles

Superstructure Vehicles
by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence - Staff Writer UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.com ]
April 16, 2009
The United States Department of Defense Advanced Special Projects new superwarfighter ( larger than an aircraft carrier ) is a strategic tactical multi-environmental ( aerial ocean going space ) craft employing a combination of 21st Century technologies such as advanced stealth applications and advanced energy weapon delivery systems rather than old tube and ammunition laden amphibious landing crafts or land-sea crafts weapon systems.
 The long-range submersible space vehicle [ pictured above ] is obviously designed for strategic advanced stealth pursuits where it will encounter ‘extreme heat’ as a factor [ note: heat shield tiled surface ] so, is it capable of returning from outer space or is it going into inner space near the Earth;s core? Its sheer size ( alone ) could carry power systems that could employ directed high-energy ( DEW ) systems.
 The behemoth vessel / craft was believed secretly dry docked ( see photo above ) inside a shuddered offshore facility near Hokaido, Japan.
A close-up view [ click image ( above ) to enlarge, and to enlarge even greater click the 'magnification icon' ] of this superstructure submarine space vehicle reveals several small-framed ‘asian men’ - wearing ‘white laboratory coats’ and hard-hat helmuts – whom are positioned directly beneath this large craft that appears in-size somewhat like the ‘mother ship’ publicly seen in the film and television series ”BattleStar Gallactica.”
 Coupling its ’heatshield tiles’ and sheer ‘behemoth size’, could this particular submarine space vehicle have been purposely designed to exodus Earth carrying onboard a great number of passengers? Very large ‘observation windows’ ( view close-up of photo ( above ) ] are seen at the design juncture where the craft’s ‘forward wings’ – at the ’leading-edge’ portion – meets the ‘fuselage’.
 The superstructure submarine space vehicle must have remained secret – for a period of many years - with its development having been derived from a multi-national source of private placement project ( PPP ) funding that could only have been sourced from such outside the purview of any government budget oversight.
Perhaps, a contingent of multi-national joint venture capitalists funded this superstructure submarine space vehicle, much in the same fashion as only a few saw something similar along the lines of the Bill Gates entrepeneur inspired “Eye-In-The-Sky” ’52 satellite constellation’ PPP investment program found accepted by high-net worth Arab businessmen investors and a few others in the secret program project to ‘obtain superiority over internet broadband delivery’ utilizing the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) firm TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LIMITED ( UK ) that coordinate investments in such.
 Who or what other entity could otherwise fund and at the same time technologically engineer development of such a behemoth vehicle?
Now, there is no shortage of new concept designs for various crafts, especially for a lighter-than-air dirigible (aka) airship (aka) blimp ( see below ):


[ PHOTO ( immediately above ): WhiteCloud Airship II; believed-designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Office National d’Etudes et de Recherche Aérospatiale  ]


[ PHOTO ( immediately above ): WhiteCloud Airship I; believed-designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Office National d’Etudes et de Recherche Aérospatiale  ]

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