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USA : Manifestation contre la vaccination de masse

Les activistes manifestent aux USA suite à la plainte déposée le 22 août 2009 pour organisation mondiale d'un crime de génocide par le Dr Horowitz et Sharri Kane, journaliste d'investigation, suite à la découverte d'un réseau criminel international.

Qui est Sherri Kane ?

Sherri Kane
Freelance Investigative Journalist
Co-Founder/Director of Marketing

Lettre adressée par Sos Justice au Parquet de Nice le 23 septembre 2009

Rappel de la plainte

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Criminals Wanted for GENOCIDE!!!
Denver DON'T INJECT ME Protest


Criminals will be identified at the Denver Rally.
Investigative Journalist Sherri Kane put together these wanted for genocide posters. She will give the opening address at the Denver "Don't inject me" Protest and rally for Medical Freedom on Friday November 27th from noon to 2 PM on the west steps of the Denver Capitol. 

These Eugenicists will be named, and we will call for all of them to be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz will give the keynote address at the protest.

 As the Protest Organizer, I have been sending out updates and press releases on this event for two weeks.  The only journalists who have shown any interest in our event have been talk radio hosts.  To date, not one major media organization has taken the time or energy to cover this event.

For those of you who call yourselves journalists, when your children look you in the eye some day in the distant future and ask you why you did nothing to stop the carnage, my question to you is, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF???
Do you think you will lose your job?  Your life?  Your credibility???
Plenty of people have died while this most recent vaccine scam has been rolled out. Researchers, scientists, and now those who are getting the actual shot. And each mother who drops a baby in miscarriage, who will one day have to face the reality that the H1N1 vaccine left her infertile and unable to ever get pregnant again, some of that responsibility rests on those of you who refuse to tell the whole story.  You in the media will have hell to pay when the American People finally realize that like the 70's flu hype, they have been scammed once again by the very same people.

The best resource on the web for information about the flu scam is Dr. Horowitz's site http://www.fluscam.com/Latest_News.html

 Maybe you think that if you ignore this story, it will just go away.  But each day that passes only means that more people will die.  It is time to expose the frauds, stand up to the bullies, and tell those who think they are God, that they are going to be held accountable for the death, sickness, and mayhem being perpetrated on the world.

Call me if you have the guts to do a story...
Jenny Hatch
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