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Jimmy Guieu - Les Gouvernants Secrets

Encore un qui a été assassiné pour avoir dévoilé l'existence des ET et des Ovnis et dénoncé le secret entretenu par les états sur ce sujet sensible !

Nos visiteurs les extraterrestres

Les Gouvernants Secrets 1
Nos visiteurs les extraterrestres



Les portes du futur

L'invasion a commencé

Jimmy Guieu
Quelle est la cause de sa mort ?
Assassinat ?

Comment serait mort Jimmy Guieu le 2 janvier 2000! André Lecossois, un ami de la famille, nous informe de ce qu'il a trouvé sous le fauteuil de travail de ce célèbre ufologue français des premières heures. À la mémoire de Jimmy.




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Secret défense : Ce que vous devriez savoir! Ce que le Vatican et les gouvernements nous cachent !

Ce que vous devriez savoir ! (Reportage 1h30)


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OVNIS, l'église et le Vatican - Les révélations du Dr Michael WOLF


Les révélations du Dr Michael Wolf à télécharger en PDF


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Nouvel Ordre Mondial : Philip Schneider et le Gouvernement Secret



Government Secrets Revealed


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Welcome to PhilSchneider.org




The proverb says dead men tell no tales. A lot has been said about Philip Schneider both in print and through word about the credibility of his character, the content of his lectures and the viability of some of his statements.


For many years now the key source of information about Philip’s life and death available on the Internet was a co-coordinated article by Cynthia Drayer (Philip’s ex-wife) and Tim Swartz. Titled The Mysterious Life & Death of Philip Schneider you can find just one of the many links to this article at; http://www.ufodigest.com/mystery.html I suggest reading this article if you haven’t done so already more so as a prelude to this article. Further to this selected segments from Philip’s Post Falls, Idaho lecture are available on the Internet. The selected transcripts from the lecture are useful keys in ascertaining how much Philip had to say about black budget programs , alien factions , underground and underwater bases and the treasonous acts of government to name a few.


In 2001 Skybooks publisher of the Montauk book series released The Philadelphia Experiment Murder written by Alexandra Bruce and edited by Peter Moon , a book dedicated to the memory of Philip Schneider. This was synchronicity in motion for me as I became aware of this book through Cynthia Drayer whilst I was preparing an article about Philip for my self-published digest Beachhead. You will also discover upon reading this book, The Philadelphia Experiment Murder Philip’s connection to the Philadelphia Experiment through his father Oscar, the manipulation of consciousness through the time-space continuum and other quantum concepts which I attribute were a factor in Philip’s death. I do recommend the Montauk book series. Inadvertently I think Philip through his father Oscar had a connection (both of them) to the Montauk Project. You can purchase the Montauk book series & The Philadelphia Experiment Murder online at; http://www.skybooksusa.com/ I also recommend the quarterly newsletter The Montauk Pulse.


Al Bielek who jointly traveled with Philip and lectured at the same events has spoken openly about his relationship with Philip up until his death. Al was on board the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 (as Edward Cameron) and also involved in the Montauk Project. You can visit Al’s official website at; http://www.philadelphia-experiment.com/ in addition to this you can purchase videos of Philip’s lectures individually or as a set directly from Al. There is also www.bielek.com ran by Michael Houtzager. On this particular site you can download a 60 minute interview with Al about his relationship with Philip. Al also discusses some of Philip’s experiences in this interview. I encourage anyone reading this to download the interview as it only enhances and expands on what Cynthia Drayer discusses here about Philip and the events in his life.


Al Bielek sponsored Philip’s lecture tour in 1995 and was the one who encouraged Philip to go out and share what he knew. Philip was scheduled to commence a lecture tour in 1996 just prior to his death. Obviously Philip had the potential to travel internationally to lecture but the darkside ensured he wouldn’t by eliminating him. Its obvious Philip was heavily monitored which would have been due to the sensitive nature of the projects he was involved in. I also maintain the surveillance was related not only to his work but also his connection through his father Oscar to the Philadelphia Experiment & Oscar’s own involvement in secret projects.


Cynthia Drayer makes mention of invisible agents during the course of the interview. One who was following Philip during his lecture tour and subsequently Philip’s daughter Marie being monitored and followed by such an agent on her way home from school. It seems to be synonymous with those involved in the Philadelphia Experiment, or linked to it being monitored by such agents. I have experienced this myself. Seeing and feeling such agents in my home. Michael Ash who was involved in the Montauk Project has spoken about these agents. More so Alan Yu has written much information & posted it online; http://members.aol.com/alanyu5/ going into great detail about the technology, how it’s applied and what he terms the invisibility personnel agents. As I write this Al Bielek it is reported had a stroke recently and is currently hospitalized in Florida. Induced by invisibility agents? Connect the dots yourself.


Prior to Philip’s murder he revealed a great deal of information about the deep underground base beneath Denver’s international airport. Alex Christopher who went on to write the Pandora’s Box book [two volumes in total] was the first to reveal the existence of this base through word and in print from what I understand after Philip’s death. There is much information online including photographs of the Reptilian-inspired murals and gargoyles at the airport. I’m certain bases like these exist globally beneath key international airports, Australia included [Melbourne which I wrote about in Beachhead in 2001 & also Sydney]. There is a video in circulation about Denver’s underground (airport) base which from what I know has footage of the underground facility. It is relatively short (about 30 minutes). For those who are interested in photographs of the Denver airport visit; www.geocities.com/Area51/Aurora/4519/dia.html , and for the video try contacting Stew Webb at www.stewwebb.com


I think the most damaging information Philip spoke about in his lectures was his profound knowledge of periodic elements , geology and its applications in black budget programs notably stealth projects. Philip had a collection of minerals and metals which were in fact alien. These alien minerals and metals were compounded and applied to stealth-based projects. Philip it seemed had intrinsic knowledge of these compounds and how they were applied from the perspective of a geologist. Philip also spoke of the periodic table actually having 140 elements not 104. The additional 36 were of alien origin being applied to Earth-based projects yet officially discarded by science and Earth culture as a whole. Needless to say Philip’s priceless collection of minerals and metals disappeared after his death.


After almost 10 years since Philip’s death there has been no further investigation by authorities into the strange and inconclusive circumstances surrounding his alleged suicide. Why isn’t that surprising? If your perspective is advanced enough you will make the association with invisibility agents (read Alan Yu’s information about these agents capabilities) & Philip’s demise. Furthermore I think three people were involved in Philip’s murder who he knew & they acted as a unit. One woman was also involved. This most likely was the blonde-wigged woman Cynthia speaks of & who I believe is seen in a lecture video of Philip’s asking him the name of his book, when it is to be released and where to get it. The woman looked to be in her 40’s. More so I think one of Philip’s murderers was in fact a shape shifter. A Reptilian. This individual directed the other two. There is one more individual who I discussed this with several years ago. This person is well known on the lecture and research circuit. Very few people even know Philip had spoken to this individual. Philip had reservations about this person from the first meeting. Strangely enough not long after Philip met this individual he was murdered. A link exists with this individual and Philip’s murderers. This person told me indirectly about Philip and something Philip had said. This individual seemed surprised I knew so much about Philip being based internationally.



The information that needs to be released is contained within Philip’s lectures, his message, what Cynthia Drayer discusses and what I’ve touched on, not necessarily who murdered Philip. I know he is off doing bigger and better things. The key message is to become aware of the impending overt Reptilian takeover led by Orion group. This global objective is becoming bolder by the day. Philip’s message is a key in preparing you for what is to come.



Ashley O’Toole

October 20 05




Media of Philip’s lectures & workshops can be purchased through;









Philip Schneider foreword

By Ashley O’Toole


In issue 15 (January 2001) of Beachhead one of the main cover features was the article “Government Secrets Revealed”. It was focused around the life and murder of Philip Schneider & his ex-wife Cynthia’s quest for truth in retracting the official ruling that Philip’s death was a suicide.


Up until his murder in January 1996 Philip had engaged in a series of lecture tours across the United States disclosing information about the alien agenda and New World Order which Philip cited was and is “one in the same”. Philip also relayed to his audiences information relating to the existence of 1,477 active Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) throughout the world [as of late-1995]. Now in mid-2001 the total number of DUMBs would be closer to 1,500 I feel. Philip affirmed these bases were being used to “house alien takeover”.


Philip Schneider’s own involvement in the construction of many of these DUMBs (including among many bases at Area 51 , S4 & Los Alamos) his loyalty to black budget programs became more dangerous when in the later years of his life after the murder of his friend Ron Rummell (also officially ruled as a suicide) & the death of his father Oscar Otto Schneider (who confessed on his deathbed his own involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment) Philip’s programming began to break down and he began to recall memories whilst he was employed within black budget programs & the construction of DUMBs.


It was from this point on, after cutting up his security card (Rhyolite 38 factor) Philip was going to come clean and reveal the truth about the alien agenda, New World Order, DUMBs and black budget programs.


By the end of 1995 having lectured across the United States for almost two years in segments Philip had numerous attempts on his life. An agent from the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency] attempted to kidnap his daughter Marie, Philip had completed a manuscript for publishing listing all of the DUMBs (complete with longitude and latitudes) in addition to unveiling the alien agenda, New World Order and the false agendas the U.S. government had its citizens believing in.


Several weeks later Philip was found dead in his apartment by his friend Al Pratt. Al summoned an officer from the Clackamas County Sheriffs Dept. to break into Philip’s apartment having visited many days in a row with no response although Philip’s car was in the driveway.


Having been in regular contact with Cynthia Drayer for the last six months I can assure you both Cynthia and Philip’s daughter Marie are still scarred to this day over five years later. A great deal of hurt is the total injustice they have received for suggesting Philip’s death was a murder , in addition to that the conduct of police and medical examiners , the assassination of Philip’s character through disinformation and their own endeavours to have the official verdict retracted from suicide to murder.


Through my own research I have discovered there is a wealth of debunkers ready to dismiss anyone giving credit to Philip’s message. Cynthia Drayer has been very forthcoming with me and my own questions about her time with Philip. Given the nature of the information Philip spoke about both in private and openly, Cynthia’s prime concern is with both herself and daughter Marie. Due to Philip’s death being officially ruled as a suicide his daughter wasn’t legally entitled to claim Philip’s death benefits.


The following is a transcript of an interview I conducted with Cynthia Drayer with a closing statement from his daughter Marie.



Secrets Revealed



Cynthia, thank you for taking the time out to answer the following questions for Beachhead readers surrounding Philip’s life, lecturing, circumstances of his death and your pursuit of true justice. Beachhead had a very positive response to its issue 15 feature “Government Secrets Revealed” & the readers are very interested in hearing more.


After you met Philip in June of 1986 and later married in 1987 how forthcoming was he regarding his involvement in the construction of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS), his employment with Morrison-Knudsen Inc. & the great fire fight at Dulce in August of 1979?


I actually knew of Philip before 1986 through the Oregon Agate and Mineral Society in Portland, Oregon. He came to the meetings I was a past president and my first husband was a charter member and life member of the OAMS. However it was not until the death of Leo Simon my first husband that Philip and I became good friends. He offered to watch my dogs while I took a trip to Los Angeles, California to visit my biological mother. From there we became engaged and then eloped to Carson City, Nevada where we married. Philip mentioned a little bit about his work with Morrison-Knudsen before we were married. He told me about some of the work (Dumbs) he built and where such as Vietnam, New Guinea, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. He mentioned that one time they were drilling a hole into solid granite (I believe it was in Colorado but can’t remember for sure) when they broke through into a cavern that was already hollowed out. When he went down he saw a UFO & some dead aliens. They had been there for hundreds of thousands of years because there was a layer of “quartz-like material” overlying them. It wasn’t until later in our marriage that we began to really “remember” a lot of things that had happened to him in the past.


After his death, I went to the Social Security office to apply for death benefits for his daughter Marie. Philip had always told me that he had worked under two social security numbers. His early work was under the wrong number with a number at the end transposed – his later work was under the correct number and his disability payments were under his correct number. I found early documents when he applied for SSI in 1980 or 1981 showing the fight he made to prove that he had a work history under the wrong number. He had failed then but he also had a learning disability where paper work was concerned. When I met him he could not fill out a simple form at the doctors office but could do complicated calculus on a chalk board. So I took these old papers to the social security office and they agreed that some of the work he had done was under the wrong number but because the number was actually assigned to another human being I was not allowed to contact that person. This original number showed that he worked for Morrison-Knudsen , the coast guard and for the military.


I often wondered what type of work he would have done for the military , when I was contacted by a person who remembered Philip from the “old days” (pre-1980’s) – he told me that Philip had done photographic work in the military what type I’m not sure but it makes sense. Philip had several cameras, some so small you could fit them in your hand and rolls and rolls of film. Even later in life he was interested in it.


I also remember him telling me about the “search and rescue” work he did, which would be where the coast guard comes in. Later in life he would volunteer to find missing people such as Corey Faye. Corey was a young boy who disappeared in the Mt.Hood wilderness area in Oregon. Philip helped search the area because he could camp outdoors and knew the geology of the area. He had some interesting theories about why Corey had disappeared that would have far reaching implications in his own death.


Philip had a great scar that ran down from his throat to his belly button and across his chest from rib to rib. His body was covered with “shrapnel” wounds (about 500), he had burns and skin grafts and missing fingers and his private part was cut down the center. Part of one of his ears was replaced. He had a metal plate in his head and part of a lung. You could see evidence that at one time he had a “halo-brace” screwed into his head as there were small indentations at both templates. He had a large hole at the base of his throat where a tracheotomy had been performed. He was in constant pain so intense that he used tens unit that put electrical currents through his body.


When I first got to know him in 1986 Philip was suffering with leg tumours so big that they were cutting off the circulation in his legs. He had them wrapped and was on crutches. He asked my advice because if he left them in he would soon lose his legs and if he had the operation he might lose them anyway. I can still hear him say “I would be willing to lose my legs if it would give me just one more day of life.” Life was precious to Philip. He struggled everyday. Towards the last two years of his life he had cancer, brittle bone syndrome and multiple sclerosis. He had to use braces on his legs, a body chest cast, urine bag, wheelchair and crutches. However at times he could use mind over matter and seem almost normal. If he over did it he paid a great price for it the next day. He wanted to see his daughter grow up was excited about his lecture tours and was going to write a book with his friend Mark Rufener. He often said that if “they” ever said he had committed suicide you would know that he had been murdered.


The scar down his chest was severe. During the summer when he would get hot it would rip open down to the sternum and ooze liquids. He had learned how to fight off infections and was very careful. After we were married he had reconstructive surgery to repair this injury. We had it scheduled for 2 weeks before our daughter’s birth. Unfortunately Marie was 2 weeks early. I gave birth to her on September 21 1987 and the next day Philip went into surgery. We were released from the hospital together. This is where the story gets really spooky because after the surgery a hematoma formed at the base of the throat where a Z-plasty had been performed. We went into the emergency ward three times because it kept getting bigger and bigger and soon it was the size of a big grapefruit. My mother had come to visit from Los Angeles, California due to the birth of Marie. We were standing in the kitchen and Philip was in a hospital bed upstairs. We heard a great CLUMP as all 4 legs of the hospital bed left the floor and came back down. I ran up. Philip’s hematoma had broken open and there was a pool of blood on the bed and floor. He was not breathing and his spirit had left his body. When we went to the emergency ward later that day so he could be stitched up again the emergency ward doctor had not drained the hematoma and was the first to verify the injuries that Philip has on his body as shrapnel wounds. When we went to see Philip’s doctor the nurse became really , really nosey – she asked all sorts of questions that were out of line , like where he had worked and where he had received his injuries , she was so pushy about it that we complained about her conduct. I had that bad feeling that this was all planned that there was purpose to this bad care to end his life.


Almost a year to the day Philip was scheduled for back surgery. He had constantly complained to his doctors about pain in his back. They all told him that it was “in his head” & referred him to “pain clinics”. I took him to one of my doctors and an x-ray confirmed that he had a ruptured disc. Before he was to go to surgery I happened to notice that the chart outside of his bedroom had “Philip F. Schneider” – Philip had no middle initial. When he questioned this & looked at the x-rays and notes inside, some of the material was my husbands and some was for someone else – they had different blood types. Philip was AB neg., the rarest type and could have easily died with this misinformation. We eventually changed hospitals and Philip had his operation. When he did not heal right away it was finally determined that he had multiple sclerosis. I can’t help but wonder again if the “wrong” file was placed there on purpose so that Philip would die.


Philip did dangerous work and I believe that he had reoccurring injuries to the same parts of his body. So when he told me that his chest injury was caused by different events I am not surprised. His first statement was that he was working in Vietnam building roads in the jungle when the crew came upon a nuclear plant they were not supposed to know anything about. In an attempt to silence the crew friendly fire was ordered and a bomb was dropped on them. This is how Philip obtained all the shrapnel injuries, plate in his head and the original tracheotomy and chest scars. He stated that the only reason he lived was because there had been some North Vietnamese in the jungle at the same time and one of them had taken a small flag he was carrying, dipped it in machine oil and stuffed it in the hole in his chest.


When I first met Philip in 1986 he was taking Dilantin every day. He said it was to prevent massive seizures. However after I observed him for several dosages I noticed that he had the seizures AFTER he took the Dilantin. They were so severe that his spirit left his body in death. It was only after I laid hands on him that his spirit returned and he started breathing again. This occurred 3 times in 2 weeks. The medication was “killing” him either through an allergic reaction or prescribed on purpose to end his life. Later in our marriage he started to remember some of the other underground happenings such as Dulce, New Mexico. 1979 would be just about right for the final injury that would cause him to apply for SSI. He related to me how again he was setting off explosive into the bedrock when a cavern was discovered already built. Apparently this explosion opened up into one that already existed. He went down with 8 other men and they were met with Reptilians and Greys. There was a big vat of red material and he could see that it contained arms and legs of people. A fight ensued. He stated that as strange as this may seem he peed in his hard hat and threw the pee at the aliens which killed some of them. Many years later I would see a fictional program on TV where aliens were highly allergic to ammonia and would die from it. He talked about firing his gun and killing some of them, the vat fell over and the “bloody mass” ran all over the ground and then he was hit in the chest by a “cobalt” gun.


It is perhaps important to note that because of Philip’s MS he had a nurse visit him every weekend in 1995 and give him experimental shots of what he called “Beta Serone” (I’m not sure of the spelling). Sometimes he was so sick after the shots that he could not visit with his daughter and would have to cancel. He said he was receiving medical care through the Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU). After his death I contacted OHSU for any medical records on his health care there as I did to his regular physician. OHSU had never heard of Philip and was not giving him any shots. So it makes me wonder just who was giving him shots and what were they actually giving him. Perhaps another way of weakening him or another way to medically kill him.


He told me that he had “life time medical care through Morrison-Knudsen” but when we got married it ended. If this is true that Morrison-Knudsen was responsible for the bad care and life threatening prescriptions then perhaps there was an ulterior motive and someone wanted Philip dead. He believed before his death that there were only 3 people left in the U.S. who knew where all the underground mountain bases were. Morrison-Knudsen was the major civilian contractor to build them. Would there be any advantage to them and the military if no one knew where they all were?


Do you believe that Philip was in actual fact micro chipped by the military &/or government once be began conducting work on Deep Underground Mountain Bases on behalf of Morrison-Knudsen Inc.? Secondly that he was either deprogrammed or his programming broke down in later years?


I remember Philip telling me about his security clearance which was Rhyolite – his father Capt.Oscar Schneider United States Navy M.D. had a Cosmic clearance – I was later to discover that these clearances are used with NATO. I never heard Philip state he had been micro chipped and I don’t remember him saying this in his lectures. I do remember him stating that there was a “retinal” (eye) scan and a special card needed to enter facilities.


I believe very strongly that Philip was both deprogrammed and “medicated” so that he could not remember the details of his “former” life. However after we met I got him off Dilantin and he got good medical care, things started to change. Also it helped for him to have someone to talk to that was open to what he had to say. I would listen for hours to what he had to say and he was open to my ideas and what I had to say. He had a very special “analytical” mind and he would bring together facts from all over and bring them together like a large jigsaw puzzle. It was truly amazing. A good example of his great intelligence was what he did after the space shuttle Challenger blew up. I came to visit and there was a large chalk board with mathematical drawings, angles and formulas sitting against his wall. Philip had seen what I had seen on the live TV broadcast. As the shuttle reached higher into the sky a streak of light came from the left of the screen, because in all of the replays the streak was taken out. (Makes me wonder if TWA800 wasn’t from the same thing). With his formulas and drawings Philip was able to “prove” that the streak came from a Cosmo sphere high in orbit around the Earth. He believed that the Russians had shot us out of the air. Of course there was a purpose for all of this. The first non-military person was on board the shuttle. A teacher. A civilian. Maybe she could not be trusted with the NASA secrets.


More support for this theory was created in my mind when experiments were done with the “O” rings that supposedly started the disaster. They showed on TV how when they first tried to make the “O” ring fail that it did not fail. They had to set it up for a second time before they could make it explode. Just another cover up.


Philip told me that before he had his brain injury he could speak 11 languages. As far as I could tell he could only speak English until one night. As he slept next to me Philip started to speak another language which I can only guess at. It may have been Chinese or Vietnamese or Japanese. Another night he started to speak what I believe to be French. I believe he was reconnecting with some of his old life.


As more time went on Philip remembered more and more. He would always come and talk with me about his new memories and he seemed excited but also worried. He was worried that I would not believe him because he could not tell me these stories years before when we first met. He recognized that fact that his memories were starting to come back as if they had been hidden.


His powers also became stronger. He could hear quartz crystals humming. Many times we would be collecting agates at a gravel pit “in the dark” & he could always find the big agates because he could “hear” them. He experimented with quartz as a young man by vibrating them. He had all the books on Tesla and had higher math books. He related one of his experiments with quartz in which it actually disappeared similar to what happened in the Philadelphia Experiment. With a further experiment he created a “hole” and he was able to make a broom disappear when he placed it in the hole. This was the start of his “Alchemy” and he was eventually able to create gold from sulfur, silver and liquid mercury using a quartz crystal, copper wires, 4-12 volt car batteries and 3 amps.


He could see people that we would normally not be able to see. Philip believed as I do that the Philadelphia Experiment has lead to a portable device that can be worn on a person’s belt. They turn it on and can become invisible to most people. For Philip they could never fool him because he could see and hear at a different frequency than most people. I had some of this gift as I can see “shadows”. I had a friend in the National Security Administration (NSA). He stated that he could “turn a corner” and disappear from sight. I believe he was using one of these devices but I could still see his shadow and it made him mad. It was this same friend that told me I had a two volume case file with the NSA & that my biological father had become a non-person in the military because he was in a top secret military project and died.


Another power that Philip had was what I would term “remote viewing”. He could travel to Atlantis and see the hall of records. Even before we were married he would have intense dreams of Atlantis and even drew homes that he saw there (they had a “mushroom” shape) and what he called “Atlantian boats”. Another person on the Internet stated that this drawing was of a “flying Atlantian train.”


Another unusual aspect of Philip was “dreamscaping” – he would have “virtual reality” dreams. If he was injured in a dream he came back with the injuries. A good example of this occurred while we were still married (we were married for 2 years before our divorce). We both woke up about the same time. It was a bright sunny morning and we decided not to get right up but to talk. Philip had a dream and he described how he was fighting aliens on another planet. It had two moons and was red. The alien was a big Reptilian and in the end of the dream Philip was shot and fell to the ground. After relating this story he got up and in the bed was a pool of blood on his side of the bed. We checked him over and there seemed to be no wound. When I took the bed linen to the bath tub it was thick and red and had clotted blood on it. Many years later Philip told me of a similar dream of fighting aliens on the same planet. This time the alien got him with a wire around his neck and he fell to the ground hitting his shoulder blade on a rock. At the time he relayed his story he had a non-sleeve t-shirt on. I looked at the back of his neck and sure enough there was a curved mark on his back as if a wire had been there and a large bruise on his shoulder blade. This was all part of our lives full of surprise and mystery.


After the death of his father Oscar in 1993, did this motivate Philip having discovered his father’s involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment to go out and talk? Or more so because of the murder of his friend Ron Rummel?


I believe the main reason Philip began talking was because of the murder of his best friend Ron Rummel. His father died in May and I believe the murder of Ron (which is stated on his death certificate to be a suicide like Philip’s death) was in September of the same year or even the next. Like Ashley O’Toole and others associated with Beachhead, Ron, Philip and 4 or 5 others decided that the government cover-ups had to be revealed. They had a little magazine called The Alien Digest and it was printed in McMinville, Oregon by Ron’s father-in-law Paul Shockley. Ron was not married to Paul’s daughter but he had a child with her. Philip and Ron went way back. Ron was the first person who talked to me about the one world government and how evil it was. He had actually worked for a Mr.Lear, of Lear Jet fortunes and had a lot to say about aliens. He and Philip went to Little Alien Inn near Area 51 in Nevada and they videotaped cattle mutilations. While Ron videotaped the holes evident in the cattle’s rectum you can hear and see Philip retching in the background. They both felt very proud of their little ‘digest’ and I spent many hours discussing the articles that Philip wrote for it. Philip wrote an article about the Dracos & Draconians and was quite proud of it.


One day Philip called me with tears in his voice. His friend Ron had committed suicide in the park. Knowing Ron the way I did I asked Philip if he really thought his friend had killed himself or had been killed and it was made to look like a suicide. Later Philip would get a police report that proved without a doubt that he was murdered. Ron was found in a local Portland park a gun in his hand. He apparently had shoved the gun in his mouth and fired the gun killing him instantly. However although his hand had blow back blood from the blast THE GUN HAD NO BLOW BACK BLOOD. This could only mean that the gun had been wiped off AFTER the gun had been shot. Pretty hard for a dead man to wipe off his own gun. Ron’s death certificate still shows that he died of a suicide.


Philip was mad. He knew it was a set-up and that Ron had been murdered. He had a friend in the Big Foot Society in Portland, Oregon (Mr.Crowe) and asked if he could talk about “Groom Lake and Area 51”. He wanted them to have the first taste of the truth. He even bought small pieces of alien metal that he and Ron had found on their trip to Area 51. When the magazine published the article on Philip’s talk they each had a small piece of this metal attached. He had photographs of stealth aircraft and described what he knew about the Deep Underground Mountain Base under it and the aliens hidden there. It was the beginning of his lecture tour that would last 2 years. I can remember a Thanksgiving meal I had at George Schneider’s residence. He was Philip’s brother. They started talking about Groom Lake and ‘Dreamland’ – I had never heard of it before that day. Philip was talking to George about how his brother flew top secret airplanes out of ‘Dreamland’ and George got real anxious – he told Philip to stop talking about such things or he just might end up dead. How right he was.


His father’s material was just the icing on the cake. A friend of his helped him enlarge original Navy photos for his lectures which showed UFO’s coming out of the atomic clouds at Operation Crossroads. I saw these pictures and can confirm their authenticity and that they showed without a doubt that UFO’s were raising from the Bikini Atoll. Atomic bombs Adam & Baker were ignited one above the water and one below. Philip’s wrote a journal that we had. When you get to the part where he would have seen UFO’s there is a page missing and others have been cut and altered. It is ironic but my daughter went to a private school in which the grandnephew of General Joseph Stillwell attended. General Stillwell was one of the heads of Operation Crossroads. The General and his nephew (Joseph’s grandfather) were in a plane together watching the blasts from above. He verified without a doubt that UFO’s came out of the waters of the Bikini Lagoon.


There were also pictures of his father on the DE-173 USS Eldridge used in the Philiadelphia Experiment and others of him with royalty in England, lectures in Europe etc. I guess there was a death bed confession by Oscar to Philip about all of his top secret work and that he had been a U-boat captain for Germany. This last part makes me wonder because I met Oscar and have my doubts that he ever was a part of Germany. But then there were those gold bars in his safety deposit box that Philip said he had tested. They had symbols on them that lead him to believe they were from Nazi Germany and he stated that the analysis of them had fragments of dental gold and teeth. Oscar always stated that he was born in San Francisco, California in 1906 and his birth certificate was destroyed in the fire after the earthquakes, but by that time the birth information was being sent to Sacramento the capitol of California. It would be convenient for there to be no birth certificate if you were actually born in another country. Oh well, another mystery…


Philip lost another friend of his while he was still working at Morrison-Knudsen – his name was Roy Walters. He was into top secret work. Philip cited this man with helping him with his spiritual powers. Roy was a man of many talents and he showed Philip survival techniques that would save his own life over and over again. Roy left him a PPK gun which disappeared the day that Philip moved into my home. Philip told me that Roy and his pregnant wife were shot to death in their bedroom.


You spoke of the ’76 Truck Stop in Aurora, Oregon where Philip frequented and spoke to a waitress named Donna. Later stating that a woman in a blonde wig had Philip under surveillance just weeks before his death tracing a licence plate reported as stolen from a truck which the wigged woman was using on her car. Do you think it’s a possibility that Philip was maybe under some sort of surveillance by someone at the truck stop or someone at the ’76 was informing a third party?


Donna of the ’76 Truck Stop in Aurora, Oregon had a great loss of her own. Her son had died in the military while stationed in Iceland. She believed that he died because of an experimental immunization shot he received and had fought for justice in his death. She had none. However when she met Philip they were kindred souls in the desire to make right what is wrong in the world. I talked with Donna after Philip’s murder and I sense goodness in her and much heartache.


The blonde woman was seen with Philip before his death and then a blonde woman was seen spying on a group of friends that had gathered to discuss the details of his murder. When she sped away the licence plate was taken but it turned out to be a stolen plate from a truck.


When I first met Philip we were being followed. There was a big camper from Canada with a hand built top of wood. Everywhere we went it would follow. It was painfully obvious that they wanted us to know that we were being followed. The phone would click every time we talked on it. I was pregnant with Marie and I had had enough. I went to our local FBI office in downtown Portland, Oregon and talked with a man there. He clicked a pen and talked with me in a room with a mirror (one way I’m sure). I told him that we were being followed. He asked me why, so I related some of Philip’s story about his work with underground mountain bases. He started to chuckle and stated “What makes you think that the FBI would spend thousands of dollars to follow your husband? Why he’s nothing but a little fish in a great big pond!!” However after this the camper disappeared and the clicking stopped.


After Philip died I had taken some of his paperwork to my home. He died in Wilsonville and I still lived in Portland, Oregon. His friend Mark Rufener from Seattle, Washington was at the funeral and came to my home afterwards to take the suitcase full of papers back with him. As we stepped out of the house there was a black helicopter hovering over my home. It was totally unmarked, no numbers and the door was open and a man spying on us with binoculars. He seemed to be interested in the licence plates on the cars

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USA : Le gouvernement secret dévoilé par Milton William Cooper

Source :  http://histoiresecrete.ifrance.com/index.html

Un extrait intéressant de ce témoignage qui date de 1989 soit de 10 ans. Le virus de la GrippeA/H1N1 semble être une invention, et le vaccin serait bien une arme de destruction massive ! Qu'on se le dise !

A titre d'actions dilatoires chacune des trois Alternatives comprenait le recours à la prévention des naissances, à la stérilisation l'introduction de virus pathogènes mortels afin d'inverser ou tout au moins de diminuer la croissance de la population mondiale. Le virus du SIDA n'est qu'un exemple d'un résultat issu de ces programmes. Il n’y en a d'autres. Il fut décidé que puisque n'importe comment, la quantité de population devait être réduite il serait dans l'intérêt de l'espèce humaine de se débarrasser des éléments indésirables de notre société. Le noyau dirigeant conjoint américain et russe écarta "Alternative 1" mais ordonna que le travail commence sur "Alternative 2" et "Alternative 3" pratiquement au même moment.


Le fichier complet en Pdf : OPÉRATION MJ12-Le gouvernement secret US dévoilé par Milton William Cooper.pdf

OPÉRATION MJ12-Le gouvernement secret US dévoilé par Milton William Cooper

: http://histoiresecrete.ifrance.com/index.html

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CIA, OVNIS et le Majestic 12 - Le Gouvernement secret des USA


Documents Majestic-12



Quand il est question de "documents Majestic" il s'agit en fait de centaines de pages présumées officielles, qui tendraient à prouver l'existence d'un groupe Top Secret de scientifiques et de militaires - le Majestic 12 - établi en 1947 par le Président Harry Truman. Leur mission aurait consisté à enquêter sur les crashs de vaisseaux extraterrestres et leurs occupants.

Steve Hammons a choisi cette fois le site web UfoDigest pour publier le 9 mai 2009 une mise au point sur le fameux document SOM1-01 :

"Un manuel d'opérations spéciales de 32 pages, censé dater de 1954 circule depuis des années dans la communauté ufologique. Il s'agit d'instructions pratiques pour gérer les situations impliquant les Ovnis et les extraterrestres.

La couverture porte la date d'Avril 1954, et mentionne qu'il a été publié par le "Groupe Majestic-12".

Robert Wood, Ph.D., et son fils Ryan ont consacré plusieurs années à examiner et évaluer l'authenticité de plusieurs documents prétendument officiels en rapport avec les Ovnis.

Ils étaient invités le 16 avril chez George Noory sur Coast to Coast AM, et ont affirmé de nouveau que leurs recherches les ont amenés à valider ce manuel comme authentique."



Clip audio : Le lecteur Adobe Flash (version 9 ou plus) est nécessaire pour la lecture de ce clip audio. Téléchargez la dernière version ici. Vous devez aussi avoir JavaScript activé dans votre navigateur.


Quelques chercheurs, comme Robert Hastings, ont pensé démontrer que ce manuel serait une fraude ou un canular. D'autres, tel Stanton Friedman, ont procédé à de longues recherches et soutiennent l'équipe des Woods. Si le manuel est un faux, il ne pourrait être considéré par les autorités comme un document classifié (et elles n'auraient aucune raison de poursuivre ceux qui en possèdent une copie).

La table des matières liste six chapitres et plusieurs sous-sections. L'information complémentaire donnée à la fin ne manque pas non plus d'intérêt. Le découpage est le suivant :
Chapitre 1 - Opération Majestic-12, Section I : Buts et objectifs du programme
Chapitre 2 - Introduction, Section I : Généralités, Section II : Définition et données
Chapitre 3 - Opérations de Récupération, Section I : Sécurité, Section II : Récupération de la Technologie

Dr Robert & Ryan Wood


Chapitre 4 - Réception et Manutention, Section I : Manutention après réception du matériel
Chapitre 5 - Les Entités Biologiques Extraterrestres, Section I : Organismes vivants, Section II : Organismes inertes
Chapitre 6 - Guide d'Identification des Ovnis, Section I : guide UFOB, Section II : Critères d'Identification, Section III : Origines possibles

L'exemplaire du manuel obtenu par le Dr Robert Wood et son fils Ryan est constitué de pages photocopiées. Certaines parties du texte sont peu lisibles.

Cependant, on y trouve des informations intéressantes :

"Objet : Ce manuel a été spécialement préparé pour des unités du Majestic-12. Il couvre tous les aspects du Majestic-12, de sorte que les personnels accrédités puissent mieux percevoir les objectifs du Groupe, qu'ils soient en meilleure capacité de traiter ce qui concerne les Ovnis, la Technologie Extraterrestre, ainsi que les Entités, afin d'accroître l'efficacité des futures opérations."

"Généralités : Le MJ-12 prend très au sérieux tout ce qui relève des Ovnis, de la Technologie Extraterrestre et des Entités Biologiques Extraterrestres. Il considère l'ensemble de ce sujet comme une affaire de sécurité nationale qui est de la plus haute importance."

"Histoire du Groupe : l'Opération Majestic-12 a été mise en place suite à un ordre présidentiel secret daté du 24 Septembre 1947, sur recommendation du Secrétaire à la Défense James V. Forrestal et du Dr. Vannevar Bush, Président du Joint Research & Development Board"

Le prétendu manuel décrit en détails les objectifs du Groupe Majestic-12. Il traite aussi de la récupération des "EBEs" et de leur technologie, la formation d'équipes spéciales constituées dans ces buts, la désignation de zones sécurisées et les opérations de soutien nécessaires à ces activités.

Ce manuel fournit aussi un aperçu sur la "situation actuelle", du moins ce qu'on savait à l'époque des visiteurs extraterrestres.

Il est précisé également que le phénomène pourrait représenter d'éventuelles menaces pour les Etats-Unis.


James Forrestal

Information détaillée
Une partie du manuel est consacrée à la "Description du Vaisseau". On y trouve quatre types d'engins : "Forme Elliptique ou discoïdale", "forme allongée ou en cigare", "ovoïde ou circulaire" et "forme d'aile ou triangulaire". Le manuel détaille chacun des types d'Ovnis, d'après les données radar et les observations.

Au chapitre "Description des Entités Biologiques Extraterrestres (EBEs)", le document précise "EBE de Type I" et "EBE de Type II", et présente une description physique de ces êtres (l'image suivante n'en fait pas partie).

EBE1 painting


Dans un chapitre intitulé "Description de la Technologie Extraterrestre", le manuel passe en revue les analyses de matériels récupérés lors de crashs d'Ovnis.

Le document couvre également les questions de sécurité lors de la récupération des EBEs et de la technologie suite à des crashs dans d'autres circonstances. Parmi les sous-chapitres on trouve : "Contrôle de la Presse", "Sécurisation de la Zone", "Récupération et Transport", "Nettoyage de la Zone" et "Conditions particulières et inhabituelles".

Le manuel liste aussi des instructions spécifiques sur l'emballage des matériels récupérés et les règles à suivre pour les transférer à d'autres équipes.

S'agissant des "Entités Biologiques Extraterrestres", plusieurs sous-chapitres présentent des conseils selon les circonstances du contact ou des rencontres, comme par exemple : "Rencontres voulues par les EBEs" ou "Rencontres après qu'un Ovni ait été abattu".

Le manuel explique également comment procéder à la "Rétention et au Confinement" d'EBEs vivants mais aussi à la "Récupération et Préservation" d'entités décédées.

Le manuel et d'autres documents au format Pdf se trouvent sur le site web Majestic Documents mais également ICI" - Source



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Le gouvernement Mexicain va révéler les secrets Mayas dans un documentaire !

Quelle excellente initiative du Gouvernement Mexicain que de révéler ces secrets en ces temps troublés et de doutes extrêmes

Est-ce un hasard ?

Au moins nous saurons la vérité, si elle peut être dite dans son entier, sur ce qui nous attend le 21 décembre 2012.

Regardez à quelle date le second article a été écrit pour annoncer cette bonne nouvelle :
le 27 septembre 2011.

Le gouvernement mexicain va révéler les secrets Mayas dans un documentaire

Auteur: Jean-François Cloutier
Posté: Vendredi, 19 août 2011 5:43

Le gouvernement mexicain se prépare à révéler un secret d'État au sujet de la fin du calendrier Maya aux producteurs du documentaire, Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond, selon TheWrap.


Les informations " protégées depuis 80 ans " devraient révéler que les Mayas croyaient à des catastrophes futures et seraient d"une sagesse « choquante », selon le producteur de Raul Julia-Levy, le fils de l'acteur Raul Julia, explique TheWrap.

La fin du calendrier Maya en décembre 2012 a longtemps donné lieu à des théories et des spéculations sur la fin du monde. Cet accord permettra à Julia-Levy de filmer dans des endroits encore jamais vus.

« Les Mayas construisaient une pyramide sur une autre » selon ce que le ministre du Tourisme pour l'état mexicain de Campeche, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado a dit à TheWrap. « Sur le site de Calakmul (photo ci-dessous à droite), des travailleurs pour l'INAH [l'Institut National d'Anthropologie et d'Histoire] ont découvert des chambres à l'intérieur de la pyramide qui n'ont jamais été vues ou explorées auparavant. »

« Et nous laissons ce documentaire vous faire voir ce qui a été découvert à l'intérieur de la pyramide. »


Julia-Levy a dit qu'il avait été mis au courant des informations secrètes des Mayas par l'ancien président mexicain Vicente Fox, un ami de sa famille, et qu'il a fallu quatre ans d'appels téléphoniques pour obtenir enfin le OK du président actuel Felipe Calderon.

« Ceci est très important pour l'humanité, pas seulement pour Le Mexique », A déclaré Julia-Levy. « Cette information a été protégée pendant 80 ans, et maintenant il est important que les gens comprennent la série d'événements qui sont à venir et les conséquences pour nous tous. »

Le documentaire en langue anglaise sera réalisé par Juan Carlos Ruflo (In the Pit - gagnant Sundance 2006), et le tournage débutera plus tard cette année. Elbert a déclaré que les cinéastes parlent aux investisseurs et sont en attente pour que le gouvernement les laisse avoir un premier aperçu du matériel et du site.

La seule grosse condition de la part du gouvernement mexicain était que le film soit lancé en salles, ce qui est prévu pour l'automne prochain, a déclaré Ed Elbert qui va coproduire avec Julia-Levy et Sheila M. McCarthy et le producteur délégué Eduardo Vertiz.

« Il doit sortir avant la fin du calendrier maya, qui est le 21 décembre 2012″, a déclaré Julia-Levy. C'est la date à laquelle le calendrier maya,  dont certains pensent qu'il prédit un cataclysme mondial qui fini son cycle de 5126 ans et se réinitialise pour un autre cycle.

Julia-Levy a reçu l'ordre de ne pas parler de l'une des possibilités les plus mystiques alors que le Mexique se prépare à lancer l'ambitieux 2012 Mayan World Program. Un programme visant à accroître le tourisme et promouvoir le patrimoine maya au pays tout au long de l'année prochaine.

À un moment, Rosado a été cité dans un communiqué de presse parlant de contacts entre les Mayas et les extraterrestres. Cette déclaration a été rappelée, et Rosado dit maintenant que ce sera plus simple et plus orienté archéologie.

« Pour le moment, parler des Mayas est une grosse chose », a déclaré Rosado. « Nous avons compté plus de 3 millions de sites web parlant de la fin du calendrier maya, et nous avons été contactés par beaucoup de producteurs qui veulent venir et filmer sur nos sites. »

Le projet est similaire à certains égards à des romans écrit par Julia-Levy, intitulé « Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel » et « Secrets of the Mayan Time Machine. » Lui et le Co producteur Elbert allaient aussi faire un film en 3D à partir de ce roman, « se mettant en vedette lui-même avec Wesley Snipes », at-il déclaré à l'été 2010.

Plusieurs rapports à l'époque déclaraient que le roman avait été écrit avec l'aide «d'informations secrètes» jamais publiées par le gouvernement mexicain. Mais dans leurs conversations avec TheWrap, Julia-Levy et Elbert ont abandonné ce projet qu'ils décrivent comme une oeuvre de fiction de style Harry Potter sans aucun lien avec le documentaire actuel.

Ce film a été mis de côté, parce que Snipes purge une peine de prison pour fraude fiscale. « Nous avons mis ce film en attente », a déclaré Elbert. « De toute façon, le documentaire pourrait être plus petit, mais il est basé sur les révélations de nouvelles connaissances et importantes concernant les Mayas. »

Prié de dire si le film comportera les extraterrestres, les éléments mystiques ou scénarios apocalyptiques qui ont alimenté l'imagination populaire, Julia-Levy a refusé de collaborer.

« Je ne suis pas autorisé à parler de ce sujet », a- t-il dit. "Tout va sortir dans le temps, mais je ne peux pas commenter sur les extraterrestres ou sur 2012". Je peux juste dire que le gouvernement mexicain se prépare à raconter à l'humanité des choses au monde qui sont essentielles pour nous, sur la façon dont nous vivons, sur la façon dont nous sommes en contact avec la planète. »

Source: Reuter, Thewrap


Le documentaire maya prouvera un contact extraterrestre, affirme le Mexique

Auteur: Jean-François Cloutier
Posté: Mardi, 27 septembre 2011 2:11

Un nouveau documentaire sur la civilisation maya va fournir des preuves de contacts extraterrestres avec la culture antique, selon un membre du gouvernement mexicain et le producteur du film.

Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond, qui est actuellement en production, va expliquer que les Mayas avaient des contacts avec des extraterrestres, selon ce que le producteur Raul Julia-Levy a révélé à TheWrap.


« Le Mexique va révéler le codex, des artefacts et des documents importants avec des preuves de contact maya et extraterrestres, et l'ensemble de leurs informations sera corroboré par les archéologues », a déclaré Julia-Levy, fils de l'acteur Raul Julia.

Dans un communiqué envoyé à TheWrap, Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, le ministre du Tourisme de l'état mexicain de Campeche, a déclaré qu'une nouvelle preuve a émergé « d'un contact entre les Mayas et les extraterrestres, soutenu par les traductions de certains codex, dont le gouvernement a gardé en sécurité dans voûtes souterraines pendant quelque temps. »

Il a également parlé, dans une conversation téléphonique, « d'aires d'atterrissage dans la jungle qui ont plus de 3000 ans. »

Raul Julia affirme qu'il a la preuve que les Mayas avaient pour but de diriger la planète pour des milliers d'années, mais qu'ils ont été contraints de fuir après une invasion par des « hommes avec de mauvaises intentions », laissant derrière eux des traces d'une race avancée.


«Le gouvernement mexicain n'a pas fait cette déclaration par eux-même, tout ce que nous disons, nous allons l'appuyer», a-t-il dit.

Le film sera réalisé par Juan Carlos Rulfo, qui a remporté le Prix Humanitas pour Those Who Remain en 2009 et le Prix du Grand Jury Sundance pour son documentaire international In the Pit en 2006. Juan Diego Rodriguez Gonzalez sera le producteur délégué guatémaltais, et Eduardo Vertiz est le producteur délégué mexicain.

« Eh oui, ils espèrent que les gens prendront cela au sérieux, parce que les messages qu'ils envisagent de transmettre sont cruciaux pour la survie humaine », Julia-Levy a insisté.

Quand Julia-Levy, le producteur Ed Elbert et la co-productrice Sheila McCarthy ont annoncé la coopération mexicaine pour leur documentaire à TheWrap en août, ils ne devaient pas parler au sujet des allégations de contact extraterrestre. En fait, Julia-Levy avait reçu l'ordre de ne rien dire à ce sujet.

Source: Thewrap



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USA : Le MJ12 ou le Gouvernement Secret par William-Cooper

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La CIA, les Ovnis et le Majestic 12, le Gouvernement secret US (2)

Il serait grand temps que Poutine nous fasse la révélation sur l'existence des OVNIS et des ET pour que l'humanité comprenne enfin par quelle sale race de ET, les Grands Gris reptiliens elle est attaquée depuis plus de 13 000 ans dans l'objectif de s'accaparer la Terre et toutes ses richesses en ayant détruit au préalable les 2/3 de la population mondiale avant d'instaurer leur Nouvel Ordre Mondial Satanique ! 


Une nouvelle qui vient de tomber : De nouveaux briefings sur les crashs d'OVNI antarctiques ... et la conférence SF ce week-end!

A rapprocher des articles précédents : 

L’Union européenne a toujours été un projet de la CIA, comme les partisans du Brexit l’ont découvert.

CIA, OVNIS et le Majestic 12 - Le Gouvernement secret des USA


La CIA & les Ovnis 

logo CIA 

La CIA a tenté de dissuader les autres agences gouvernementales de poursuivre, selon son expression, "de vaines recherches sur les Ovnis".

Erik Lacitis a découvert sur le site Web de la CIA un rapport de 17 pages datant de 1997 où l’Agence gouvernementale américaine estimait futile de poursuivre des enquêtes sur le phénomène Ovni.

En conclusion on peut lire : "Comme pour les théories du complot sur l’assassinat de JFK, la question des Ovnis n’est pas prête de disparaître, quoique l'Agence fasse ou dise."

"La croyance que nous ne sommes pas seuls dans l'univers comporte une telle charge émotionnelle, et la méfiance envers notre gouvernement est trop bien établie pour que le sujet se prête à des études scientifiques traditionnelles avec des preuves et des explications rationnelles."

Malgré tout, "le rôle de la CIA dans l'étude des ovnis entre 1947 et 1990", est une lecture fascinante.

Le rapport, déclassifié en 2007, avait été rédigé par Gerald K. Haines, historien du National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

La NRO est l'agence qui "conçoit, construit et exploite les satellites de reconnaissance" des Etats-Unis. Elle emploie des personnels du ministère de la Défense et des services de la CIA. Elle se vante de bénéficier d'un point de vue "imprenable".

 logo NRO
CIA-role in UFOs study 

Dans les 17 pages du rapport, Haines a rassemblé des données pour retracer l'histoire objective et aussi complète que possible de la CIA et des ovnis.

La CIA pourra toujours tenter de s'exprimer sur le sujet - grâce aux recherches méticuleuses d'un historien – mais s'agissant de cette agence, les gens continueront à penser ce qu'ils veulent.

Comme Haines le dit dans son rapport, "un pourcentage extraordinairement élevé, soit 95% des Américains ont entendu parler des Ovnis, et 57% sont persuadés de leur existence. Les ex-présidents Jimmy Carter et Ronald Reagan ont eux aussi déclaré avoir vu un OVNI." - Source



Le rapport de la CIA : 1ère partie

Il est extraordinaire de constater que 95% des Américains ont entendu ou lu quelque chose au sujet des Ovnis et que 57% croient qu'ils sont une réalité. Les ex Présidents Jimmy Carter et Ronald Reagan affirment eux aussi avoir vu un Ovni. Des Ufologues (néologisme pour les fans d'Ovnis) et des organismes privés sur les Ovnis sont répartis sur l'ensemble des Etats-Unis. Enormément de gens sont convaincus que le gouvernement américain et en particulier la CIA, sont engagés dans une conspiration et une dissimulation massive sur ce sujet. L'idée que la CIA a secrètement caché ses recherches sur les Ovnis est un thème revenant sans cesse chez les ufologues depuis que le phénomène Ovni a émergé vers la fin des années 40.

Vers la fin de 1993, après avoir été pressé par les Ufologues pour fournir des informations complémentaires sur les Ovnis détenues par la CIA, R. James Woolsey (DCI - Director of Central Intelligence) a commandé un nouvel examen de tous les dossiers que l'Agence possédait sur les Ovnis. En utilisant les enregistrements de la CIA compilés pour cette révision, cette étude trace l'intérêt et la participation de la CIA à propos de la polémique sur les Ovnis depuis la fin des années 40 jusqu'en 1990. Elle examine chronologiquement les efforts de l'Agence pour résoudre le mystère des Ovnis, des programmes qui ont eu un impact sur les observations d'Ovnis et de ses tentatives pour y cacher la participation de la CIA dans les affaires d'Ovnis. Ce qui émerge de cet examen est que, alors que le souci de l'Agence au sujet des Ovnis était conséquent jusqu'au début des années 50, la CIA a, depuis lors, une préoccupation limitée et externe du phénomène.

La toile de fond

Dès 1947 le début de la guerre froide entre les Etats-Unis et l'Union soviétique coïncide également avec l'apparition de la première vague d'observations d'Ovnis. Le premier rapport d'une "soucoupe volante" au-dessus des Etats-Unis est enregistré le 24 juin 1947, quand Kenneth Arnold, pilote privé et homme d'affaire à la recherche d'un avion en panne, aperçu neuf objets en forme de disque près de Mount Rainer, dans l'état de Washington, voyageant à une vitesse estimée à plus de 1600 kms par heure. Le rapport d'Arnold a été suivi d'une multitude d'observations additionnelles, y compris des rapports de pilotes et d'aiguilleurs du ciel civils et militaires partout aux Etats-Unis. En 1948, le général Nathan Twining, de l'USAF, chef du Air Technical Service Command lance le projet SIGN (tout d'abord appelé Project SAUCER) devant assembler, évaluer et distribuer au gouvernement toute les informations concernant de telles observations sur les lieux ou les Ovnis pourraient être un problème de sécurité nationale.

La Division technique du renseignement de l'Air Material Command (AMC) de la base de Wright (plus tard nommée Wright-Patterson) à Dayton dans l'Ohio, se chargea de diriger le projet SIGN et commenca ce travail le 23 Janvier 1948. Bien que la première crainte soit que ces objets pourraient être des armes secrètes soviétiques, l'Armée de l'Air eut bientôt conclu que les Ovnis étaient réels mais facilement expliqués et non extraordinaire. Le rapport de l'Armée de l'Air constata que presque toutes les observations provenaient d'une ou plusieurs de trois causes suivantes : l'hystérie et l'hallucination de masse, le canular, ou l'interprétation erronée de phénomènes connus. Néanmoins, on recommanda de continuer à effectuer des recherches sur toutes les observations et n'a pas éliminé la possibilité que ce soit des phénomènes extraterrestres.

Malgré l'augmentation des observations d'Ovnis, l'USAF continuait à recueillir et à évaluer les données ufologiques jusqu'à la fin des années 40 sous un nouveau nom, le projet Grudge, qui essayait d'apaiser l'anxiété public au sujet des Ovnis par une campagne de relation public conçu pour le persuader que les Ovnis ne constituaient rien d'inhabituel ou d'extraordinaire. Les Ovnis aperçus étaient expliqués comme étant des ballons, des avions, des planètes, des météores, des illusions d'optiques, des reflets du soleil, ou mêmes de "gros grêlons". Les fonctionnaires du projet Grudge ne trouvaient aucune preuve que les observations d'Ovnis étaient des armes étrangères et ils concluaient que les Ovnis ne menaçaient pas la sécurité des USA. Ils recommandèrent que le projet soit réduit parce que le fait même que l'USAF montre de l'intérêt sur ce sujet encourageait les gens à croire aux Ovnis et contribuait à promouvoir une atmosphère "d'hystérie de temps de guerre." Le 27 décembre 1949, l'USAF annonçait la fin du projet.

A la suite de l'augmentation de la tension pendant la guerre froide entre les blocs soviétiques et américains avec, notamment, la guerre de Corée, les rapports d'observations d'Ovnis continuaient à être récoltés. Le Directeur des renseignements de l'USAF, le Maj. Gen. Charles P. Cabell commanda un nouveau projet en 1952 sur les Ovnis. Le projet Bluebook (Livre Bleu) devint le plus important effort de l'USAF pour étudier le phénomène Ovni dans les années 50 à 60. La tâche pour identifier et expliquer les Ovnis continuait reposa à nouveau sur les épaules de l'Air Material Command de Wright-Patterson. Avec peu de moyens, l'Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) essayait de convaincre le public que les Ovnis n'avaient rien d'extraordinaire. Les projets Sign, Grudge, et Bluebook établir la ligne de conduite pour ce qui allait être la position officielle du gouvernement des États-Unis en matière d'Ovnis, pour les 30 prochaines années.

Les inquiétudes initiales de la CIA, 1947-52

La CIA surveillait étroitement les efforts de l'USAF, consciente et inquiète que le nombre croissant d'observations d'Ovnis pourraient poser une menace potentielle pour la sécurité de l'état. Étant donné la répartition des observations, les instances de la CIA se demandèrent, en 1952, s'ils n'avaient pas affaire à une " vague de délires caniculaires ". L'Agence acceptait les conclusions de l'USAF à propos des rapports d'Ovnis, par contre, "puisqu'il restait la possibilité qu'ils s'agissent d'appareils interplanétaires, il était nécessaire d'étudier chaque observation".

Une augmentation massive des observations aux États-Unis, surtout au mois de juillet 1952, a alarmé l'administration Truman. Les 19 et 20 juillet, les écrans radar à l'Aéroport de Washington et de la base d'Andrews traquèrent de mystérieux échos. Le 27 juillet, des échos furent à nouveau signalés. L'USAF dépêcha des avions intercepteurs, mais ils ne trouvèrent rien. Les incidents, cependant, eurent droit aux gros titres partout dans le pays. La Maison Blanche voulu savoir ce qu'il se passait et l'USAF exposa rapidement que l'explication de ces échos radar pourraient être le résultat "d'inversion de température". Ultérieurement, une enquête de l'Administration de l'Aviation Civile confirma que de tels échos radar étaient assez communs et étaient causés par des inversions de température.

Bien que les organisations ufologiques fussent surveillé pendant au moins trois ans, en réaction à la nouvelle explosion d'observations, la CIA forma un groupe spécial d'étude au sein de l'Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) et de l'Office of Current Intelligence (OCI) afin de réévalué la situation. Edward Tauss, agissant au titre de chef de l'OSI, Division de l'Équipement et de l'Armement, porte parole du groupe, rapporta que la majorité des observations d'Ovnis pouvaient être expliqués aisément. Néanmoins, il recommandait que l'Agence continue de surveiller le problème en coordination avec l'ATIC. Il exhorta aussi la CIA qu'elle dissimule son intérêt des Ovnis aux médias et au public,"de peur de possible tendances alarmistes" qu'un tel intérêt ne confirme l'existence des Ovnis au public.

Dès la réception du rapport, le directeur adjoint de l'Intelligence, Robert Amory Jr, attribua le dossier Ovni à l'OSI, Division Electronique et Physique dont A. Ray Gordon serait l'officier en charge. Chaque branche de la division devait contribuer à l'enquête et R. Gordon devait étroitement coordonner le tout avec l'ATIC. R. Amory, tout en demandant d'étudier les implications des Ovnis sur la sécurité nationale, relayait les inquiétudes de Walter Bedell Smith. Smith voulait savoir si l'enquête de l'USAF sur les soucoupes volantes était suffisamment objective ainsi que combien d'argent et d'effectif additionnel serait nécessaire pour déterminer la cause de ce petit pourcentage de cas inexpliqués. Smith croyait que : "il n'y avait qu'une chance sur 10.000 que le phénomène soit une menace à la sécurité du pays, mais même ce petit risque ne devait pas être négligé." Selon Smith, il était de la responsabilité de la CIA, en raison de son statut, de coordonner les efforts nécessaires pour résoudre le problème. Smith voulait aussi savoir comment on pouvait exploiter le phénomène Ovni dans les efforts américains sur la guerre psychologique.

Avec Gordon à leur tête, le Groupe d'Étude de la CIA a rencontré des officiers de l'USAF à Wright-Patterson pour comparé leurs données et leurs résultats. L'USAF concluait que 90% des observations rapportées étaient aisément expliquées. Les 10% résiduels étaient caractérisés comme "des rapports incroyables fait par des observateurs crédibles". L'USAF rejetait les théories que ces observations étaient le résultat du développement d'armes secrètes tant américaines que soviétiques, ou qu'elles impliquaient les "petits hommes verts"; il n'y avait aucune preuve qui soutenait ces concepts. Les officiers de l'USAF tentaient d'expliquer les Ovnis comme le résultat d'une mauvaise interprétation d'objets connus ou de phénomènes naturels mal compris. L'USAF et la CIA étaient d'accord que si l'intérêt de la CIA envers les Ovnis devait être connu du public, le problème semblerait d'autant plus sérieux. Cette dissimulation de l'intérêt de l'Agence pour les Ovnis contribuera plus tard à alimenter la croyance d'une conspiration et d'une dissimulation de la CIA sur ce sujet.

Le Groupe d'Étude de la CIA entreprit des recherches dans la presse Soviétique sur des rapports d'Ovnis mais n'en trouva aucun, ce qui leur fit conclure que l'absence de rapports devait être le résultat d'une politique du secret de la part du Gouvernement Soviétique. Le Groupe imagina aussi l'emploi possible, par l'URSS, des Ovnis comme d'un outil de guerre psychologique. De plus, ils s'inquiétaient du fait que si le système d'alerte américain devait être délibérément surchargé par les observations d'Ovnis, les Soviétiques pourraient avoir l'avantage de la surprise en cas d'attaque nucléaire.

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Un Conseil secret et militaire gouverne la France dénoncé par Jean-Luc Mélanchon le 5 novembre 2020 + Secret, concentrat

Ainsi nous savons que le Gouvernement de Macron, ne tient compte d'aucun avis Scientifique pour gérer la Plandémie, mais que les décisions prises ne sont que Politiques et Militaires, alors effectivement, Macron et ses Maîtres Banksters, œuvrent pour le Grand Reset Mondial et pour l'instauration de leur Nouvel Ordre Mondial soi-disant Messianique et que toute cette Oligarchie est effectivement en GUERRE contre le Peuple français et tous les peuples ! 


Un conseil secret gouverne la France dénoncé par Jean-Luc Mélanchon, le 5 novembre 2020            



Je voudrais vous redire le problème grave que soulève la direction du pays par un comité secret qui est le Conseil de défense. Dorénavant, les Conseils des ministres sont précédés d’un Conseil de défense. Nous sommes nombreux à nous demander pourquoi une invention pareille a fini par se substituer à pratiquement tous les organes constitutionnels de prise des décisions. Je veux dire que normalement dans ce pays c’est le Conseil des ministres qui examine les décisions et les propose ensuite à l’Assemblée ou bien décide de ce qui va passer en décrets. Là, tout est précédé par un Conseil de défense. Et le gouvernement ensuite entérine et transmet.


Mais que se passe-t-il ? D’abord, il n’y a que huit noms, je vous demande la patience de les écouter.


Il y a dans ce conseil, outre le Président de la République : le général François Lecointre, chef d’État-Major des armées, M. Stéphane Bouillon, secrétaire général de la Défense et de la Sécurité nationale, M. Bernard Émié, directeur général de la sécurité extérieure, M. Nicolas Lerner, directeur de la Sécurité intérieure.


Ce sont des gens de très haut niveau et de belle qualité mais dont on ne voit pas à premier regard qu’ils soient des spécialistes des questions de crise sanitaire. Et ils sont entourés de M. Jean Castex, Premier ministre, Florence Parly, ministre de la Défense et unique visage féminin de ce conseil, Gérald Darmanin, ministre de l’Intérieur, Olivier Véran, ministre de la Santé. Ces personnes, lorsqu’elles sont réunies en Conseil de défense, sont tenues au secret-défense.


Autrement dit, ce conseil ne rend de compte à personne et n’informe personne des décisions qu’il a pris. Et les personnes qui le composent, étant astreintes au secret-défense, sont donc placées hors de tout recours devant la Haute Cour de Justice qui, vous savez, pose un problème puisque plusieurs ministres d’ores et déjà, pour l'épisode précédent, ont été déferrés devant cette Haute Cour. Alors nous avons là une situation constitutionnelle tout à fait inouïe avec un pays où l'irresponsabilité constitutionnelle du chef de l’État, le chef de l’État ne peut pas être incriminé dans la durée de son mandat, est transférée par le biais d’un Conseil de défense à 4 personnes décisives du gouvernement, et le gouvernement en exécutant les décisions du Conseil de défense est lui-même placé hors de toutes responsabilités. Ne croyez pas que ce soit de l'à peu près ce que je suis en train de vous dire. Dans une démocratie, la suspension de la liberté individuelle et d’un aussi grand nombre de libertés collectives n’est pas un fait anodin ou un fait secondaire. Que, dorénavant, cette situation soit en quelque sorte pérennisée de manière quasi organisée avec un Conseil de défense puis le Conseil des ministres et enfin la dernière roue du carrosse le Parlement est une situation qui doit tous nous mettre en alerte. Je ne veux pas prêter de mauvaises intentions à ceux qui ont organisé ce dispositif. Mais je voudrais dire qu’une République démocratique ne peut pas être commandée par une série en chaîne de maillons déclarés irresponsables.

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Secret, concentration des pouvoirs : le Conseil de défense suscite la défiance  




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Le grand secret (NÉMÉSIS)

Et nous savons bien sûr que Nibiru-Némésis existe !

Voir notre précédent article : ICI

Commentaires sous la vidéo tournée au Canada le 12 février 2011.

Une vérité occultée ! Je ne sais pas quoi penser des agissements plus que suspect de certaines agentures qui tentent d'intimider les gens, qui font la chasse à ce phénomène hors de l'ordinaire ! Primo le soleil a l'air d'une poire,  il brille d'une force anormale et l'astre non identifié par les autorités qui a mon humble avis n'est ni plus ni moins que Némésis, soleil jumeau en apogée orbitale presque maximun, accompagne son frère dans l'éclairage et le chauffage de notre système solaire.. Cette vidéo a été réalisée aujourd'hui le 12 Février de l'an 2011. C'est pour moi une certitude qu'il se passe une chose énorme dans l'espace et nos gouvernements se foutent de nous ! Alors je conseille aux gens de commencer à réfléchir par eux mêmes..Car il y a quelque chose dans l'espace !! Il va y avoir des tempêtes solaires, c'est certain et des éruptions solaires qui vont former des flammes solaires qui risquent de faire des dommages sur la terre.


Le grand secret (NÉMÉSIS)



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